Costa Mesa Townhome

Costa Mesa Townhome sold by Jackie Gibbins

This Costa Mesa townhome had a great location but was not marketed very well by the previous broker. When I got the listing, I was determined to put forth my best effort.

The seller had her home on the market for almost a year with another broker. She did receive a few low offers, but nothing acceptable. The listing contract expired, and so she contacted me. I had already successfully sold several other properties in the neighborhood, so I knew what I was doing.


She needed to sell quick, and needed to get a certain price for her property. I set out to accomplish both by properly staging it and marketing her home properly. I actually felt I would be able to attract a higher offer than she needed.

In the end, the seller was pleasantly surprised to sell quicker and get more for her townhome than she thought she would.

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Costa Mesa Townhome Sold by Jackie Gibbins Behind the Scenes