Mission Viejo Home

Mission Viejo Home sold by Jackie Gibbins Behind the Scenes

The sellers of this little Mission Viejo home were ready to move to a larger home for their growing family. So they asked me to list their current home for them. I was very pleased, because I had sold it to them about 10 years earlier!

They had a busy life; both of the sellers worked, they had two young children and a cute dog! They absolutely needed a larger home! They also needed me to get the most for their home so they could purchase the home they had their eye on.

Getting Ready to Sell

They invested in a few fixes and some new lawn out front, and I staged their home for them. I also worked in the back yard to create a cottage garden for them and for their buyers.

When all was ready, we held a Grand Open House. Several buyers came to see it, and we received several offers. All over asking price!

I enjoy creating these beautiful spaces for my clients; it helps ensure a successful sale. This one was very successful. This little Mission Viejo home sold for well over the asking price and well over the most recent sale in the neighborhood.

Take a look behind the scenes of the sale of this charming property. More success stories here.

Behind the Scenes of Mission Viejo Home Sold by Jackie Gibbins